Relax, we've got it covered!

The Office Hub memberships are designed to offer the flexibility that a growing business needs. While most members enjoy our Flex Desk Membership, we also offer day passes and long-term, more traditional office space. All of our members enjoy access to our cozy common areas and well-equipped conference rooms.

Membership Rates

Spend the day with us! You’ll have same access and full benefits of Flex Desk Membership all day long.

Unlimited access to our open concept, shared space. These desks have ample room as well as access to power and lightning fast wi-fi.

DEDICATED DESK MEMBERSHIP - $300                                                                                                These desks offer you the opportunity to have the things you need and love nearby without packing them up every time you leave.

PRIVATE OFFICE SPACE - NEGOTIATED RATE PER SQUARE FOOTAGE                                               A limited number of private office spaces are perfect those who require the privacy and security of an actual office but without the long-term rental contracts. For rates, please contact us at 


Is co-working for you?

Co-working is a great fit for most self-employed, small business professionals. Whether you are part of a tech team, a remote worker who is part of a larger organizations, or if you simply work remote from home, we can offer you an alternative to your traditional work environment with top of the line amenities.

Make our space, your space.

Discounts, access to marquee events, and free coffee daily! There are special perks to becoming a member. Join today.