Co-working toward the future. 

With our Flex Desk Membership package, we currently offer unlimited access to our open floor plan concept and shared space design. The openness of this space fosters collaboration. Each over-sized desk offers ample room for collaboration with a large or small team, or independent work. Flex Desk membership gives you access to all the standard amenities that The Office Hub has to offer, as well as access to our full kitchen, refreshments, and free (and fast) wi-fi!

Flex Desk Membership starts at $175.00 on a monthly basis.

  Flex Desk Amenities

  • Open Floor Plan

  • Over-sized Desks

  • Collaborative Design

  • Speedy Internet & Free Refreshments 


Perfect for cross-industry collaboration. 

“The space, as I'm sure you've heard, is simply breathtaking. I like working in more collaborative environments, that's why I found the Flex Desk Membership package to be the perfect fit for my work-style. Coming from a start-up space, I crave open environments to work on a team. It's great for cross-industry collaboration, if that's your thing."

— Jace F., Graphic Designer

New world for busy

“The Office Hub opening up in Shreveport comes at such a great time for our community! I have a family and a small child, while running my own business. After dropping the kids off at school, it's great to pop by The Office Hub while using my day pass to get some work done. Since it's centrally located, I can run all of my errands downtown after completing my projects. This community greatly benefits from this space.”

— Lauren R., Mother and Soloprenuer

Great space with multi-room functionality.

“Easy check-in and membership registration. I needed to rent a conference room for a presentation, along with a standing meeting for my team in the open flex desk space. Enjoyable experience. I love The Office Hub for its multi-room functionality, there's something for everyone here.”

— Franklin P., Senior Level Executive


Flex Desk Gallery